The Kitchen

The gastronomic essence of Marbella

Santiago puts all his passion and experience as a chef in his kitchen, where he combines tradition and new Spanish cuisine with the highest quality products he himself chooses.

Fish, seafood, stews and meats: they all find their authentic flavor and texture in Santiago’s hands In his kitchen the raw ingredients are not disguised, but exalted.

It is him, personally, the one who coordinates and supervises the preparations that arise in his kitchens.

Santiago recommends the spectacular salted or baked fish (Turbot, Red Band Bream, Sea Bream, Sea Bass…).

The seafood, very fresh, like oysters, clams, escupiñas, sea snail, thin shells, wedge clam. The spectacular Red Prawns, Prawns of San Lúcar, Carabinero Shrimps, Norway lobster, authentic Galician Barnacles, Spider Crabs and Lobsters (from their own incubator).

Salads, perfect fried foods, stews such as beans with clams, the delicate carpaccio…

Santiago puts on his plate the culinary essence of Marbella