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 The Restaurant 

The Restaurant

Restaurante Santiago, founded a half century ago, is over all, a gastronomic emporium where the best fish and shellfish of the north and south of Spain walk together, absolutely international. Nowadays, due to their "Mediterranean flavour" whose echoes knows in London, Chicago, Stockholm or Moscow. Santiago is also a complete restaurant, in which, tradition and innovation cohabit and are supplemented harmoniously. It is also, and over all, , the brilliant hostelry manager, Santiago Domínguez with a personal and vital creation.

Santiago Domínguez
Santiago, a great boss of the Spanish restoration with an important international projection. So many awards up today and member of countless professional associations, under the name of “ the Restaurants of the Good Table.

When in 1958 Santiago began with the world of the hostelry, he didn't imagine that his restaurant became a reference place in Marbella and his name would be know as one of the most important culinary points in the Spanish geography. In Spain it usual to say: "if you go to Marbella and you have not been in Santiago, you don’t know the true Marbella ambiance"
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